The Great Things About Dates

May 22, 2021 , Date Fruit Suppliers

I’ve often thought that having an interest in a certain fruit was like owning a store in the middle of town. You see, I go to places all the time and I would see a variety of fruits on their trees just waiting for me to enjoy them. But like any food there are certain types of fruits that I simply cannot appreciate unless I eat them. This is where the power of the internet comes in. The internet allows me to search for what I want in a much wider spectrum than just what is available in my own local grocery store.

One of the most delicious fruits on the market dates. Its hard to say why dates are so delicious it’s probably because of the citrus flavors associated with it. Dried dates are great for all kinds of parties you can make a delicious dessert by drizzling fresh dates over ice cream or chocolate cake. Or, if you’re looking to impress your date or get her in the mood for an evening of romance, date her with a dessert made with dates.

The first time I had ever seen dried dates was at a local fruit and date store. The other dates I have seen there were in bags and containers. After I got my first experience with them, I decided to search for more information about them and I found out they have been around since the 15th century. The fruit in the store that attracted me the most though was the coconut palm.

Coconut dates are great for people watching their fat intake. Coconut meat is very low in calories, especially when eaten in its natural state raw. If you can, try to buy coconut meat as prepared and unprocessed. If not, try steaming and grilling it instead. You will be surprised how a little bit of coconut oil added to your favorite foods can make a huge difference in the flavor and texture.

There are many other fruits and dates that are great for cooking. For example, there are dates that are great in sushi or in any Asian inspired dish. Apple dates are also great for apple pies and breads made with apples. And don’t forget that dates can also make an excellent pudding. So when shopping for your next sweet treat, look for fruit and dates in your local store.

The best place for dates to be purchased and stored is in the refrigerator. You can also freeze individual dates if you like and keep them in airtight containers in the freezer. It is important to note though, that be sure to always pick up fresh dates from your local grocery store and not use dried ones you purchased from a discount store or a store that is off season.

A single serving of dates can supply us with 5 calories of fat. That is less than half a cup of cottage cheese. So, when choosing foods that contain dates for recipes, it is always a great idea to make a substituting and using them instead of regular refined sugar.

There are many different uses for dates. So if you are having trouble deciding which date fruit to purchase or stock up on, keep them around and use them as often as possible. The more you use them the healthier they become over time.

For instance, if you are having trouble making chocolate desserts due to a high sugar intake, then use dates to make sugar-free versions. This can be done easily by simply taking fresh and dried fruit and blending together until smooth. This can be spread onto a torte or cake and then baked. These are only two examples of how great these sweet treats can be made with just dates.

Another great way to utilize date fruit is to make trail mix for dogs. It is very hard for dogs to come out with their usual cooked food after a long day outside. So by mixing in some dates, it will give them a great tasting treat to chase after when coming home.

When buying dates, try to get ones with no added sugar. Most store bought dates are highly processed and do not have any real nutrients in them. That means it is a waste of your money to buy a ton of them every week. Try to stick to natural dates as they are much healthier and will last longer without oxidizing. Natural dates are also great for diabetics as it has a low glycemic index.